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1919A4.COM, http://1919A4.COM/

Site dedicated to 1919a4, really Browning, enthusiasts but a great place to seek help and services. There is a miscellaneous firearms forum where Vickers are discussed. If you can't find it here, it can't be found.


Project Guns,

Semi-automatic conversion parts and tutorial.


Halo Manufacturing,

Semi-automatic right side plates. Production to begin again in January 2009.


International Military Antiques,

Vickers parts sets and accessories. One of the best sources inn the US.


Omega Weapons Systems,

Vickers parts.



Vickers parts. Lots of items list but frequently out of stock.



All things related to the Vickers history and use.,

Vickers parts and accessories. Note their comment about the export and import of parts to the US.


The Vintage Aviator,

The Vintage Aviator Ltd. is a New Zealand Civil Aviation approved aircraft restoration and manufacturing company.


Weapons of the 107th ,

The machine gun used by the US 27th Division was the British Vickers.


314th Infantry AEF ,

The Descendents and Friends of the 314th Infantry are a group of people dedicated to preserving the story of their fathers and grandfathers in the First World War. Picture of an early Vickers at The milled out right side plate (later guns had flat right side plates) and rear sight leads me to believe this is an early British gun but the tripod looks like a US Colt manufacture.


Slide rule, M.G Mk III,

As strange as it might sound, this site is dedicated to slide rules. Dual sights were issued with the Vickers. These enabled the gun to be laid accurately at a certain elevation on a bearing for indirect fire in much the same way that an artillery piece. Before slide rules for the Vickers machine gun were introduced in 1924 all distance calculations were made using range tables. This was generally a British method of employment and not widely adopted by the US.


Browning Machine Guns ,

This site is dedicated to the belt-fed machine guns of John Moses Browning. The information here is primarily related to the .30 caliber weapons. Pictures of Vickers water can are at and pictures of the ammo box for the Colt Vickers are found at


Ian Skennerton's Women at Arms,

Ian Skennerton's irreverent look at the Vickers.