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Richard Fisher has an excellent website showing his extensive collection of Vickers spares and related equipment. Spares is a term for both spare and repair parts. Again, there is little point attempting to duplicate his excellent work but I will point you to a few key pages.



Luminous Sights


During WWI, the British needed sights that would allow the Vickers to be used under reduced-light conditions so clip-on night sights were developed and introduced. The first version utilized vials of glowing radium as the light source. Eventually, three different models of reduced-light sights were developed. The first and second versions both used glowin-the-dark technology. The third version depended natural light to function. Each set of sights was issued in a fitted steel case. The third model front sight does not go into the case. IMA has an excellent write-up about the sights ( Click the picture for larger Image. (Image Source:




US Spares and Equipment


US M-1917 Machinegun cart with a US Vickers